Indoor Plant Starts

Posted by Bob Matthews on 3/23/2018 to News
Starting seeds indoors this year? I sure hope you are! It's such a great feeling to get our hands into some dirt again after the long winter months.

We're now in prime time for starting seeds indoors. The seeds you are planting now, carries the promise of a beautiful and productive garden from summer thru fall. That makes it vitally important that your seeds germinate quickly, and the seedlings begin life with a fast and healthy start.

So, what's the big deal about starting seeds!? You stick a few seeds in the soil, add some water, wait a few days and Voila.... You've got seedlings!

If only it was that simple all of the time. Some seeds can be downright difficult to germinate. Some seeds can take several weeks to sprout. Some should be soaked in water overnight. Some need extra warmth.

It's the big and the little things you do to when planting seeds and caring for seedlings, that make a huge difference later, when transplanted into the garden. That's why new gardeners and even well experienced gardeners take a few minutes to review seed starting tips and ideas.

Bob Matthews

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Popcorn Lover's Day

Posted by Bob Matthews on 3/8/2018 to News
Today, March 8th, is Popcorn Lover's Day. It falls on the second Thursday of March.

Did You Know? Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat... until you add the butter and salt.

Did You Also Know? You can grow popcorn in your backyard garden. It's fun and novel. After harvest, you dry the kernals, on or off the cob. After it is dried, you can pop your very own home grown popcorn.  

Celebrate Popcorn Lover's Day, with a bowl of popcorn. And, use this special day, to make plans to grow popcorn in your home garden this year. 

Seed Starting Basics and Tips

Posted by Bob Matthews on 3/5/2018 to News
Seed Starting Basics and Tips
Don't give your local garden stores the fun of starting seedlings indoors. You can grow your own plants to transplant into the garden. In addition to the joy of watching your seedlings grow and thrive, you'll save money along the way. 

Over the next few months, we'll be planting and pampering our indoor transplants. It's an exciting time, as we finally get our hands into some dirt again after the long winter season.

The success of the upcoming gardening season, is dependent upon getting your seedling transplants up and growing, in a strong and healthy manner. The extra care and attention you give your seedlings, will translate into healthier, more plentiful flowers, and a larger, more abundant vegetable crop. 

Whether you are a gardening "Newbie", or an experienced, long time gardener, it is a good idea to read and review our Seed Starting Tips.

Electronic Soil Testers

Posted by Bob Matthews on 3/2/2018 to News
Spring is knocking on the door. Before it arrives, we all need to have our gardens ready for planting.

The first step in creating a great summer home for your plants, is to make sure the soil is in perfect condition. That starts with checking the soil pH, to assure that it is ideal.

A pH test is quick and easy. An inexpensive electronic soil tester checks the soil pH and overall fertility. Best of all, it can be used over and over again.

It’s fun to use an electronic soil tester to check all of your flower, vegetable and herb gardens. If you’re looking for even more fun, test the gardens of your family and friends.