Sun Mar 400 Garden Composter / Compost Tumbler

Sun Mar 400 Garden Composter / Compost Tumbler

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Sun Mar 400 Garden Composter / Compost Tumbler.

The Sun Mar 400 compost tumbler is excellent for composting your kitchen scraps and a cut up lawn and garden waste and trimmings.

The Sun Mar 400 composter is unique, as it provides continuous flow of finished material, No waiting for a complete batch to be finished.

Key Features:
* Compost discharges automatically. No waiting for compost batches to finish 
* Pest resistant
* Easy loading and turning of the composter

The Sun Mar 400 is easy to use. Add material by sliding the input door open. To mix and aerate the compost, rotate the drum by turning a shaft on which a small gear bears directly against the gear teeth on the drum.

Compost is removed by opening the output port, rotating the drum and allowing compost to fall from the inner drum into a bushel basket or other container.

Easy, six step assembly takse about five minutes.

Capacity: Approx: 11 bushels or 100 gallons

Measures: 36" H X 28" D X 42" L

Ships via ground carrier only, to the Continental U.S.

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