Snapdragon Seeds, Dwarf Kimosy Mix

Snapdragon Seeds, Dwarf Kimosy Mix

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Snapdragon seeds, Dwarf Kimosy Mix.

Botanical Name: Antirrhinum Majus Pumilum Kimosy

Flower Type: Annual

Even the best summer sunsets may fall short after your grow Dwarf Kimosy Mix!

Though the plants will hardly reach the sky with their dwarf and compact habit, these snapdragons are 6 inches of full color.

Shades of peach, golden canary, scarlet, coral, and misty rose adorn this half-hardy annual.

Perfect for low bedding, borders, or containers.

Hailed as one of the strongest and most prolific Snapdragons.

Plant Height: 6"

Flower blooms: Spring thru Fall.

90 mg. seed packet, Livingston Seed Co. 

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