ShrubGuard (TM) Weather, Cicada, Pest Protector(7' X 12')

ShrubGuard (TM) Weather, Cicada, Pest Protector(7' X 12')

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Shrub Guard (TM) helps:

* Protect Arborvitae, evergreens, and trees from winter snow and ice damage. Keep deer and rabbits from snacking on your shrubs.
* Protect gardens and fruit trees from birds, deer and rabbits
* Winter protects from snow, ice and pests
*Use this netting for Cicada protection on your trees and shrubs, too.

Wrap the Shrub Guard sheet around a bush to prevent snow and ice from overloading a single branch.

Durable, multi-strand 1/4" polypropylene netting allows air and light in (unlike burlap) for a healthier bush. Barely visible netting, too.

UV protected to last for years.

Shrub protection sheet is approximately 7' X 12' when fully stretched for most 5' to 6' bushes.

Fasteners included to tie ends of sheets together.

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