Marigold Seeds, Queen Sophia

Marigold Seeds, Queen Sophia

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Marigold flower seeds, Queen Sophia, Annual flower.

An All-America Selection winner. Queen Sophia is one of North America's most popular marigolds!

Truly an exquisite choice, this marigold has paprika-colored blooms with golden transitions.

Works well when companioned with vegetables or herbs, as the marigold is a natural insect repellent. Oils in the plant's leaves attract benevolent bugs, while repelling harmful ones.

A vigorous, trouble-free plant, that has tolerances to deer, drought, heat, humidity, pollutions, rabbits, and coastal breezes.

Double bloom.

Plant height: 6"-12".

Flower blooms: Summer - Fall.

515 mg. seed packet, Livingston Seed Co.

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