Jiffy Peat Pots - 5" Diameter (8 Pack)

Jiffy Peat Pots - 5" Diameter (8 Pack)

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Jiffy Peat Pots - 5" Diameter (8 Pack).

Jiffy 5 inch diameter, round peat pots have plenty of room for your seedling's root system.

It helps to avoid plants getting root bound.

These big pots are ideal for fast growing seedlings, big plants and seedlings that need to get a long indoor start.

Transplant seedlings in the pot directly into your garden without disturbing the root system.

No transplant shock gives your seedlings a jump start in the garden.

Larger, five inch pots are the the starting pots of chioice, for giant pumpkin growers.

Eight peat pots per pack.

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