Gourd Seeds, Luffa Sponge

Gourd Seeds, Luffa Sponge

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Gourd seeds, Luffa Sponge, Annual.

Luffa is a very practical and useful gourd, which can be used for bathing, filtering, and cleaning.

It is shaped like a cucumber, but is larger. It grows 1 to 2 feet in length, and up to 4-5 inches in thickness, and also has a green exterior.

When immature, the interior is cucumber-like.

As it ripens, it develops a network of fibers that surround many flat, blackish seeds.

Can be grown on a trellis or fence. If grown on the ground, put a layer of mulch underneath the fruits to prevent decay.

Maturity: 100-120 days.

1.2 g. seed packet, Livingston Seed Co.

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